Which anime character is...?

A quick tournament-style activity to practice using the "which" grammar point.

I found a Tournament style activity on this website which I loved, but I editted it to change the design overall and changed the characters to my own favourites. The left is only boys, the right is only girl characters. The students know them all (except Erza, from Fairytail...pft, noobs).

Anyway, thanks abunch to the original person (see panel on the right). I encourage you to change and adapt the pictures for your class too. The format I used for this was a tournament style, I would use 'Which character do you like?' But if we play it again, or with higher level students I would use different adjectives like 'best, strongest, smartest etc'.

First, I use the POWERPOINT, going through the the example and using a script for the kids:

"Which Anime Character do you like, ___________ or ___________?"

"I like ________________"

"Okay, thank you!"
''Me too!''
''Really?'' etc

On the projector I end with the last slide showing the tournament and hand out the worksheet. The kids get really amped for this part.
The kids should ask three people per bracket and fill in the circle of the winner. i did this during the parent day, so students could go and ask thier parents too! (So, if Naruto got two votes and Goku got one, Naruto would have two filled circles and Goku would have one.) They move the winning character down to the next bracket, ask three new people, and so on until they have a winner.

Then, at the end of the activity, I used the projector to go through each character and count up the winning votes, letting students put up thier hand for thier winning votes according to thier worksheet.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
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    Submitted by TheBlueStuff September 22, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20min
    1. soggycastella September 26, 2023

      Just a heads-up to avoid misunderstandings, but "best, strongest, smartest", etc. are superlative adjectives and not verbs.

    2. Xandros October 17, 2023

      Thanks for the idea...I knew they wouldn't have known Erza, it's sad.. Think I have to face reality that I really am getting old.

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