Thanksgiving Dinner Party

A logic puzzle featuring family members doing different things at the dinner table during Thanksgiving.

I try to talk a little about Thanksgiving every year, but my students always seem to forget it, so I wanted to make an activity that I could use to teach them about the holiday while also reviewing the textbook. This worksheet has 10 clues using reduced relative clauses to help find where each family member is sitting at the dinner table. It is not that difficult, but I usually let students work in pairs or groups. Usually half the class or more is able to get all 10 correct.

You can probably change this to a Christmas or New Year's Eve activity too.

Here are some things I mention beforehand or have noticed during the activity:
1) I usually start by saying when Thanksgiving is, what we eat, and how entire families come together to celebrate. Pictures are a plus.
2) The students will need to know what each family member means. They know most of them, but I usually ask them if they know what aunt, uncle, and cousin mean because when I walk around, I sometimes see them mixing up male and female so it's best to confirm or they'll get a few questions wrong right off the bat.
3) The emojis will not look clear in black and white. I usually display the color image on the projector and then take a pen to draw a border around each emoji so it's easier to see on their worksheets.

Submitted by hoshinopareedo December 5, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

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