Pick a door, any door review activity

PPT game where students choose between two doors to either get treasure or attacked by a monster

This is a Google Slides game I made for review. Basically there are two doors and the students must pick one of the doors to proceed through.

If the answer is incorrect, they find a monster and lose points. If the answer is correct, they find treasure and win points. There are some trick slides, like a chest mimic that makes them think they found treasure when they actually found a monster. Toward the end, the winning slides get more elaborate transitions, with goddesses and unicorns giving you keys to the treasure. The final monster was just a picture of me with laser eyes, so feel free to insert a picture of yourself as the final boss or whatever you want.

In this example, I test students' understanding of subject verb agreement by giving a correct sentence and incorrect sentence, but you can play this game basically as a multiple choice review and edit the questions however you like.

Here's the Google Slides link:

You can make a copy into your Drive and edit your own questions.

Hope this is helpful! I had a lot of fun making it.

Submitted by morebeans December 6, 2022 Estimated time: 20-40 mins
Inspired Haunted Door
  1. Aitraz February 7, 2023

    Thanks for this it's amazing, I had fun just clicking through it.

  2. Nikaty February 22, 2024

    Thanks this is really cute, might use it if I have some extra time with one of my classes

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