Roll a Snowman

A group activity where you roll the dice to determine what kind of snowman you'll draw!

I had done some previous dice sentence rolling activities with my JHS special education classes and they seemed to really enjoy them. So I tried to make something more holiday style by having them draw some snowmen instead!

As for the whole activity, we started by reviewing body parts, winter clothes and numbers.
Then we all took turns rolling the dice and saying out loud the numbers and what they were drawing. I think we ended up doing two snowmen because we had some time and they had a lot of fun. We colored in what we wanted at the end as well and they hung them up in the classroom for the rest of the month. :D

It's just some holiday fun that I cobbled together. I don't remember where I found the snowman body dice chart but thank you to whoever made it!

Can definitely be used with Elementary as well!

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    Submitted by shinjirarenai December 15, 2022 Estimated time: Could take a whole class period (45~50mins)
    1. taliwah December 22, 2022

      I did this activity with my 5th and 6th graders today and they absolutely loved it! They used the school's laptops to roll virtual dice since we didn't have physical ones handy (Google has a tool were you can roll different sided die if you put "roll dice" or "6-sided dice" in the search bar!) but it was the perfect Christmas activity.

      Thank you for sharing this!

    2. Fsteak December 23, 2022

      This activity was a hit with my JHS special education class, thanks for uploading it!

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