Merry Christmas English Quiz Game

A Christmas Quiz game for a full class (40-50 minutes) with three variations targeting grade-appropriate grammar.

Since I was out with Covid all last week, one of my schools was robbed of the chance to play this game, so I'm sharing it here in the hopes that it brings joy to your classrooms, and gives anyone looking for it an easy, fun activity you can run with no prep in this last week before Xmas.

I used and it was such a hit that I decided to modify it for a Christmas theme. The only major change to the structure of the game is that I removed the "trick or treat" challenges and replaced them with a straight "pick X or Y".

Procedure: Make teams. Size doesn't matter too much so long as they're even. I tend to work with classes of 24-40 students and dividing into three teams by rows tends to be easiest, but you know your class best.

Each team takes turns one by one, and within each team you should give each player at least one chance to play. So usually go Team 1, Player 1, Team 2 Player 1, Team 3 Player 1, etc.

Some questions are easier than others, and I usually let the whole team talk amongst themselves, so long as the active player is the one to actually say/write/spell the answer.

The questions and grammar included are based on what is expected for a class using Sunshine 1-3, but of course you should look it over and edit as you see fit. Easily adaptable to any level really.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Merry_Christmas_1年生_COPY.pptx (7.61 MB)
  • Merry_Christmas_2年生_COPY.pptx (7.61 MB)
  • Merry_Christmas_3_COPY年生.pptx (7.3 MB)
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    Submitted by meatrace December 19, 2022 Estimated time: 40-50 minutes (1 full class period)
    1. majime December 19, 2022

      oops, in the 1st Year`s file,at intro slide, looks like Halloween music plays...cheers regardless! Much appreciated!

    2. onighost December 19, 2022

      Super awesome! Thank you. Can't wait to play with my students.
      Just to let you know, in the 3年生 pptx the numbers on slide 19 don't match.

    3. meatrace December 20, 2022

      Ack! You're right, how embarrassing. I ran into those issues while playing. I fixed them on my home computer but I had the errors on the file copies with me. Hopefully the issues are easily fixed!

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