Trick or Treat Quiz Game

A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

Hey guys, thanks for all the likes! I fixed some issues with the powerpoints (weird fonts and incorrect Japanese haha), and also increased the number of minigames. Also, a fun way I like to run the game is save question 40 (drawing challenge) for last! It's a good way to wrap up game play if you're running out of time. Enjoy!

Happy spooky month, everyone! This is a simple, powerpoint based quiz game with a Halloween theme! The main questions are all general English review, but some of the bonus questions involve Halloween trivia.

Connect your computer/tablet to your classroom display, mark out a place on the board to keep track of points


  1. Divide students into groups of 5-6 and have them draw straws to determine play order

  2. Teams take turns choosing a number from the home screen. They then have 30 seconds to answer the question. If they get the question right, they earn points. HOWEVER--some questions lead to a "trick or treat" option. On this screen the students can decide if they want a "treat" (2 points) or a "trick" (challenge question or minigame worth 4+ points).

  3. There are roughly 10 trick or treat options hidden throughout the game. Half of these lead to challenge questions, which are all multiple choice Halloween trivia. The other half lead to minigames which are as follows:

    • Zombie Attack: all teams return to zero
    • Vampire Battle: play janken with another team, winner steals 3 points
    • Candy Bag: +6 points

**Note: If a team answers the original question correctly but fails the challenge question, I give them 1 point for their first correct answer.


  1. Click the number on the home screen to take you to the corresponding question
  2. After students have answered, click anywhere to reveal the right answer
  3. Click the ? icon to reveal the points OR trick or treat
  4. In the case of trick or treat: click the candy icon to reveal the points, or the ghost icon to reveal the challenge question
  5. Click the home icon to return to the home screen.

- If a team can't answer in 30 seconds, I allow other teams to raise their hands and steal the question.
- I've attached three versions for the three grade levels. The questions are all content covered in the first 1-5 units of the Here We Go! textbooks. A few of the questions are also specifically about the ALT/JTE so of course feel free to alter anything you like!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Trick or Treat 2年生.pptx (6.58 MB)
  • Trick or Treat 3年生.pptx (5.8 MB)
  • Trick or Treat 1年生.pptx (4.81 MB)
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    Submitted by mssamansa October 6, 2022 Estimated time: 40-50min
    1. kirbystar October 11, 2022

      Thank you so much! This saved me a lot of time.

    2. hotokeki October 17, 2022

      This is so fun! I don't know if I have 40min., but I'll make it happen! xD Thanks for putting in so much effort!!

    3. robertsbp October 17, 2022

      This is amazing work! Thank you so much!

    4. genieg October 17, 2022

      I spent so many hours looking for a simple yet so fun game for halloween lesson thanks so much.

    5. msbanana October 18, 2022

      Appreciate this so much! Thank you!!

    6. skyreach07 October 20, 2022

      I like it a lot! Thank you for your effort and time into creating this very nice PP for Halloween!

    7. meatrace October 21, 2022

      This is really great! Just an idea, it would be cool if the numbers on the board were houses on a street. That way it would simulate trick or treating.

    8. tuc2kezz October 25, 2022

      Thank you very much for this

    9. FidgeJohnston October 28, 2022

      This has done some heavy lifting for my classes this week! Thanks for creating a great quiz!

    10. Keith Miyazaki October 28, 2022

      These were excellent! I found the game is faster and more exciting when any of the teams can 'buzz in' by raising their hand first i.e. not just turn-by-turn as described in Step 2 of HOW TO PLAY. Then, the team that answered correctly also chooses the next number from the home screen to advance the game.

    11. instructor October 31, 2022

      waooo! This is super suitable and handy.

    12. tinathetank October 31, 2022

      Great game! I wanted to jump off of Keith's note and share the website - if your school server allows it, you can use this website for students to "buzz in" when they know the answer!

    13. robster123 October 31, 2022

      Thank you so much! this is a life saver

    14. ohnoko October 31, 2022

      My 3年s absolutely loved this game! Thank you so much for sharing this!! Happy Halloween!!

    15. Jed222 November 1, 2022

      thanks a lot

    16. ShineGreymon39 September 21, 2023

      These are fantastic. Thank you so much.

    17. mabushii_hikari September 29, 2023

      Wow this looks amazing! I'm excited to try this as a review with my first year high school students at the lower level schools.

    18. Samu T October 13, 2023

      Thank you for your time and effort making this superb game for ALL to enjoy. Just spectacular to say the least. My students enjoyed so much....Thanks from Ueda Nagano!

    19. wajimaALT October 25, 2023

      It seems like there's no point screen if they choose trick and get the question right...? What do you do if they answer the trick question correctly? Do we just give them the 4 points mentioned in the description?

    20. mssamansa October 30, 2023

      @wajimaALT Yes that's right! You could alter the bonus point numbers if you want, depending on how difficult you think the question is!

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