Who`s that pokemon ABC shadow version

Alphabet Pokémon guessing game.

This slideshow was completely done by Lucasmh. Which I absolutely love the original. I found that when I first did the original slides with my students they were able to guess the Pokémon within 1 Second. To make the slides a bit more challenging I went over each of the Pokémon and covered them up to make them the shadow form. This made it a bit more challenging for many of my students and it was a great way to test their Pokémon knowledge. It was very entertaining to watch my students try to figure out what some of the English names might be.

Edit: I`m sorry, this was made with Key Note for apple. I work for a city and they have all the ALTs use Ipads. If I can figure out how to make it into a office power point I will add in on here.

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    Submitted by Mullberry January 4, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. reecemabbett January 12, 2023

      Is there a.ppt file version of this? Thank you

    2. rmsmith January 12, 2023

      +1 for a powerpoint. Any chance you can try converting it? Would love this modification for my special needs class next week!

    3. apantalena January 17, 2023

      How do you even open a .key file?

    4. OdafromTaijima January 17, 2023

      What is a key file?

    5. UonumaRobert January 17, 2023

      I think it means keynote. The powerpoint of apple computers.

    6. waltergetubig0091 February 1, 2023

    7. waltergetubig0091 February 1, 2023 use this link

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