This is a fox. That is a hawk.

  • This/That is... He/She is... Pictionary

    A simple pictionary game for practicing this/that and he/she is....

  • This or That Presentation

    Based off New Horizons 1 pg. 20, grammar "This is/That is"

  • Who / What is this (that)? It's Pikachu!

    Silhouette game! Random characters and items.

  • 'This is...' Character Quiz

    This is a quiz activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 2 p.20 - 'This is...' and 'Is that...?'

  • Pronouns

    Reviews Relative and Demonstrative Pronouns - Specifically from New Horizon 1

  • Canada Versus Japan Differences

    Some comparisons between Canada and Japan students might find interesting. Koban/Mounties, Mount Fuji/Rocky Mountains, Nara Deer/Canadian Moose, JR Train/CN Train etc. For Canadian ALTs!

  • Review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed)

    JHS 1st and 2nde grade year review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed).

  • Let's Try! 1 Chapter 8: What's this?

    Let's Try! 1 Chapter 8. Short powerpoint, with an emphasis on practicing "No, it's a ______."

  • Kahoot HWG1 Unit 4+5

    A kahoot covering units 4 and 5 of the Here We Go! 1 text book.

  • Is This My Furoshiki?

    An interactive story the whole class can enjoy !

  • Draw Your Worst (Is that a...?)

    Activity where students draw something as poorly as they can and have other students ask them what it is using "Is that a...?.

  • New Horizon 1 Unit 2-1

    This is an activity practice for Key Sentences: He is… She is… This is…

  • What's this? Who's this?

    This is an info-gap activity to practice the use of question words, WHAT, and WHO.

  • Is that a zoo?

    Students race to make sentences using visual clues with a powerpoint.

  • This is my original character.

    A creative activity to practice this is/he is/she is grammar. New Horizon 1 Unit 2.

  • Is that a...?/What's this? Card Game

    Is that...? GOFISH + What's this...? MEMORY

  • Lets Try 1 Spy x Family Disguise Review

    This game is an all units review. I got the idea for the disguises from Mr Bory C.

  • Who's That Pokemon? (What's This?)

    Let's Try 1 Unit 8 What's this? Pokemon Quiz

  • Who`s that pokemon ABC shadow version

    Alphabet Pokémon guessing game.

  • Elementary Year 3 Minecraft Board Game

    A simple minecraft board game using the language from the textbooks

  • Detective Pikachu Animal Quiz

    Use footprints, diet, and Pokemon to discover what each hidden animal is

  • What's this? (Fill in the blanks)

    A-san & B-san complete each other's worksheet

  • What's This Point Game and Drawing Challenge

    A Race and Speak Point Game with a Pair Drawing Activity

  • This/ That Art

    Zip file of about 20 this/that illustrations.

  • General knowledge quizzes!!

    Fun warm up! Get the juices flowing! ENJOY!

  • What's this Japanese culture?

    3-hint what's this quiz!

  • Gimme Gimme

    An activity that has students running around to give you the item you ask for while practicing "This is / That is" and "Here you are."

  • WRITING ACTIVITY What's this/that?

    Writing activity to reinforce the target language being learned by the students. This is best used as a final activity if you have listening, speaking and reading activity prior to this activity.

  • This/That Relay

    Students race to make sentences using visual clues.

  • What's That Doodle

    Get the students to practice asking 'What is that?' by drawing some wild art.

  • Gap It

    This is a pair work, information gap activity to practice "What is this?" and the difference between "It's a..." and "It's..."

  • Who's This Woman?

    Students create names for characters on the worksheet and then ask classmates, 'Who's this ~?' Then, students practice writing questions and answers.

  • MRI Quiz

    A cool creepy looking quiz for practicing 'What's this?'

  • This/That Animal

    This is a speaking activity for the introduction and/or practice of the target sentence: "This/That is..."

  • "Is This?" Gap

    An information gap activity where students ask their partner to work out the pictures on the worksheet.

  • This/That Memory

    Students use a memory card game to practice Demonstrative Pronouns (this/that).

  • Hidden Picture

    This is a review activity, using questions learned in Eigo Noto prior to the "What's this?" lesson, in conjunction with the "What's this?" question.

  • Blind Man's Bluff

    Students wear "crowns" with picture/word flash cards on them and walk around trying to figure out what they are wearing.

  • Cross it Out

    A quick activity useful for practicing simple questions and answers. I usually use it for 'What's this?'

  • Drawing Challenge

    A short activity for practicing simple be verb sentences

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