Animal Crossing Sugoroku!

My take on badartist's board game, Animal Crossing(Forest)-ified and applicable for a general year/unit review! Collect fruits and bells, avoid Tom Nook, and roll--and dig--your way to the goal!

2024 Update: Since there is now a new edition of the New Horizon textbook, I'll be repolishing this game and uploading the new one! It's still a work in progress but if anyone is interested please leave a message here and I'll upload it sooner so you don't waste your school/BOE's resources on "old" materials!

05/01 update: I edited all of the shovel card files (ver 1.3) so that the back design of the cards are all uniform--nothing too major if you already printed it, but it should make for slightly nicer looking cards. c: I also edited the contents of the 5th and 6th grade cards a bit so that there are more "Answer!" cards instead of "Ask a 〇〇" and fewer overlapping questions in general.

First off, major props to badartist for making both the Christmas board game AND the Animal Crossing digging game--I combined ideas from both and made this. Perfect for when your classes are finishing up the textbook and your JTE hits you up for activities! I've been playing this on the last 1~2 classes I have with my students to end the school year. c:

I originally made this game as an end of the year review for ES 5th graders using the New Horizon textbook, but it can be adapted to fit just about any grade level and textbooks! I've since made shovel cards for 6th graders, as well as 3rd and 4th graders using the Let's Try textbook.

I prepared two types of game board sheets in the ppt. The single slide version can be edited, and if you do, you can then save it as an image and paste on the two slide version if you want a big game board with the symbol guide.

Personally, I print & laminate the two-slide version on A3 sheets, trim the middle edges so it forms a clean image, cut both sheets in half, and then reconnect them with tape so I can still fold it up into A4 size for easy storage. I also made little bags filled with the cards + dice needed for one game sheet to keep everything organized.

You will need (re-calibrated assuming 5 or less players per board):
- the game board/sheet
- 1.5 sets(1 set= 28 cards) of the fruit (+5 points) cards
- 1.5 or more sets of the bell (+1 point) cards, depending on how many bells you want each student to start with--I like having at least 15 bell cards in reserve at the start
- half~one set of the shovel cards (honestly one full set of the shovel cards I provided is too much for the default game board--you can split one set between two!)
- one dice per game board
- the blackboard + chalk in case anyone pulls the "draw ___" card (optional: a timer)
- the students' erasers as their player marker

How to play:
1) Split the class into groups for each game board. Give each student 5 bell (+1 point) cards to start. If you have a big class, you can make them start with less.. 3 or even just 1 bell card for the 30~40 student classes to save on resources.
2) Have them janken to determine their playing order, and then they'll roll the dice to determine how many spaces they can advance.
- If they land on a dig spot/'otoshiana', they take a shovel card and do the challenge on the card
- If they land on an Isabelle/Shizue space, they get one fruit card and one bell card
- If they land on a Tom Nook/Tanukichi space, they pay/lose one bell card (if they have any) and get a shovel card
- If they land on a K.K. Slider/Totakeke space, they get one fruit card and a shovel card
3) The winner is whoever has the most points at the end! ..the end being when everyone reaches the goal, the class period is over, or.. whenever you or the JTE wants the game to end haha

The English challenges I made for the shovel cards are split into three "types": the player either answers themselves, or they ask a classmate in their group or a teacher(you, the JTE, or support teachers) the question instead.
The last set of shovel cards are all of the fun(?)/not-necessarily English challenges. My kids love the speed drawing challenges haha Feel free to change things up however you want!

After playtesting several times this month at my biggest school where each group had 5~7 members, I've found that this game would EASILY take up the entire class period(and beyond), especially if it's their first time and you have to explain it first. Subsequent playthroughs would go by quicker though, and smaller groups also blitz through it! In case you want it to last longer for a smaller class/group size, I've added a version of the game board with all of the spaces on the board filled up.

Unfortunately, this activity isn't as green as I'd like and the prep takes absolutely FOREVER but hopefully the replay and FUN value makes it worth it! Basically every class I play this with has a BLAST and ask to play it again next time haha I hope it goes well with your kids too!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • animal forest sugoroku! - board bells and fruit cards 1.1.pptx (18.7 MB)
  • animal forest sugoroku! - board bells and fruit cards (for tiny classes).pptx (22.1 MB)
  • animal forest sugoroku! - shovel cards (Let's Try 3rd grade) 1.3.pptx (9.45 MB)
  • animal forest sugoroku! - shovel cards (Let's Try 4th grade) 1.3.pptx (8.56 MB)
  • animal forest sugoroku! - shovel cards (New Horizon 5th grade) 1.3.pptx (7.54 MB)
  • animal forest sugoroku! - shovel cards (New Horizon 6th grade) 1.3.pptx (8.74 MB)
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    Submitted by larimarly February 10, 2023 Estimated time: 30+ minutes, quite possibly the entire class period
    1. fukutanisan February 10, 2023

      This is seriously amazing!!!!
      I see this being more beneficial in an Eikawa though because this is fun but also takes a long time, something not many teachers are willing to give away.

      But thank you again, this is beautiful!! :D

    2. badartist February 10, 2023

      Beautiful board game, and well-designed cards. :) Towards the end, you have "Go forward 2" and "Go back 2" spaces placed in a way that they would seemingly go back and forth forever, so I would change those. But I'm looking forward to using this as a year-end class game. Thank you!

    3. larimarly February 13, 2023

      @fukutanisan: Thanks! I may be a bit lucky(?) in that regard--I have several small schools/classes that go through the textbook rather quickly so several of my JTE/HREs are quite willing to give me most/all of the class period to do stuff around this time.

      @badartist: haha, I actually did that on purpose to get a laugh out of my students xD I can change it though! Thank you for making the original activities! :D

    4. Turbosushi February 14, 2023

      This looks like a lot of fun. I've just been asked to create an end of year game for the 3rd and 5th year students so I'll definitely be giving this a go! Thanks for putting so much work into this.

      For the speed drawing / blackboard challenge what have you been getting the students to draw? Or are they meant to draw the character that's on the card?

    5. larimarly February 14, 2023

      @Turbosushi: For the speed drawing challenges, they're supposed to draw the character on the card! They typically bring the card with them to the board and as a group/class we'd count down together! A few of my classes were super forgiving and counted extra slowwwly while others ..weren't xD

    6. SourK February 15, 2023

      incredible work!

    7. genieg February 16, 2023

      I love it! perfect for year end activity! thank you very much for your effort!!

    8. janeroboi February 22, 2023

      Stupid question, but how do you print these? (especially the cards so that the backs line up?)

    9. larimarly February 24, 2023

      @janeroboi: I’m using the Japanese version of ppt at work so I forgot the exact English equivalents.. but on there I select 両面印刷('print on both sides') from the print screen on ppt, then the bottom setting 短辺を綴じます(staple/flip(??) on the short edge). You can use A4 or A3 sized paper, it should still line up reasonably well. :)

    10. jminamistar February 28, 2023

      Incredible work! I can't wait to use it. Out of curiousity, have you considered adding 4th grade (Let's Try 2)?

    11. hasra95 February 28, 2023

      Thank you so much for this amazing activity. I am planning on trying it out for my class.
      One question though, excuse my lack of understanding, if the students lose all their +1 points and they only have +5s. Do they have to give up that card (+5 card) when they land on Tanukichi or they don't pay anything for that round?

    12. larimarly February 28, 2023

      @jminamistar: Thanks for asking! I just uploaded my 4th grade cards. The cards were getting really text-heavy, so I decided to cut the Japanese translations on them. >< I haven't tested them yet in a classroom, but ostensibly the kids should be able to handle it..

    13. larimarly February 28, 2023

      @hasra95: If they land on Tanukichi but ran out of +1 cards, I typically let them not pay up for that round (but they still have to take a shovel card). If you have a lot of +1 cards left in the pile you can do a "bell exchange" for 5 +1 cards for one fruit card if you want but I think it's simplest to just forego paying because you can never tell if they'll be short +1 cards later on.

    14. genieg March 1, 2023

      This took me forever to prepare. Lamination included. I love Animal crossing and I'm so excited to do this in my classes. Thank you so much!!

    15. larimarly March 3, 2023

      @genieg: Otsukare! Laminating everything is a lot of work, yes. I know the feel all too well.. xD Hope your classes have as much fun as mine did!

    16. KobeALT March 7, 2023

      Thank you so much! This game is incredible. If I make Here We Go textbook specific shovel cards, can I upload them and link them to your activity?

    17. larimarly March 7, 2023

      @KobeALT: Your welcome! Feel free to make and upload your own shovel cards :D

    18. janeroboi March 9, 2023

      Wanted to come abck and say thank you so much for this activity, it looks amazing and the kids love it. It has been a huge life saver!

    19. KobeALT March 10, 2023

      My kids went feral for this. Thank you!

    20. janeenmp August 18, 2023

      I have an English camp tomorrow with only 10 kids with varying English ability! This activity is perfect! Thank you so much! I think they will have a blast!

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