Translation Challenges - Unit Review Sentences

20 Japanese-English sentences covering each unit of the New Horizon junior high school textbooks and some full textbook review questions.

Translation Challenges - Unit Review Sentences + full textbook review questions.

These are a list of Japanese sentences (all checked by my JTEs) and English translations to review each unit of each of the junior high school New Horizon textbooks. They can be used in numerous ways but I find them especially useful for warm-up activities (reviewing a previous unit), review classes or for lessons at short notice. If you get one of the many point games from ALTopedia and print out the desired unit(s) you are set for a main or warm-up activity. When used in this way I generally print two (one for me and one for the JTE) then get the JTE to read the Japanese sentence and the students have to write the answer in English or say it to the ALT/JTE. I also tell the JTE they can read any one they want and also change it if they like as they know better than me what kind of sentences their students find difficult. They can also be used for relay races/running dictation (Mario Kart style).

I also use them on my English board sometimes with a little flap to cover the English sentences. The intention is that when the students finish a unit or get close to the end, I will put that unit up, then whenever they feel like it the students can stand and practice the sentences (I try to encourage once a day because I have bold dreams).

Many of the sentences are about me or my town, so some adjustment might be necessary. Also, as a disclaimer, this has been a work in progress for most of the school year and the Japanese has been checked by various different JTEs at various states of flusteredness, tiredness and wft-is-this-ness. So there may still be errors and definitely will be inconsistences. I find that if you ask the JTEs to read the Japanese sentences they will insert their own grammatical hints to help the kids recognise which grammar is being asked of them. I also tried to get a good range of easy to difficult sentences with various uses but another school year of checking as I go will probably improve this.

Update - I added my full year review question lists

I made these as my memory is terrible and I can't think up good questions on the fly. I use them as a base and maybe also ask variations in class. For the 3rd graders I added optional bonus questions which are great if you have an activity that allows for it.

I hope you find these useful! Close to spring holidays, hang in there! You can do it!

Submitted by jiggswalsh February 28, 2023 Estimated time: Depends on the use
  1. UonumaRobert February 28, 2023

    Thanks, good resource.

  2. majime February 28, 2023

    Great! Thank you very much (Even though my schools use Sunshine, 大変参考資料になります!

  3. jiggswalsh March 1, 2023

    Yeah, I imagine they would be very similar overall.

  4. nimsay96 November 1, 2023

    thanks!! This is amazing :')

  5. jiggswalsh November 2, 2023

    A JTE told me that there were some 3rd grade grammar on the 2nd grade - Unit 5 sheet. I have updated it and re-uploaded. Apologies!

  6. ratclass January 29, 2024

    This is a lifesaver! thanks for sharing!

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