Future Tense Fortune Telling Activity

Teachers tell their students' futures by drawing cards. Students ask and answer each other about the fortunes.

Basically updated/adapted the linked activity, so I don't take credit for the idea.

Print out one copy of the cards (pages 3 and 4). These are for the teacher(s). Fill in the card with the red location pin with the name of your town.

Each student gets one copy of page 2, the worksheet. If you have a small class, the students can come to the teacher(s) one by one and ask questions 1-4 and write down the answers. If you have a big class, tell the students to pick A, B, C, or D for each question. We found a lot of students were waiting until they heard the options to choose, so watch for this. They should pick before they hear what the fortunes are (it helps to explain that this is like おみくじ at shrines; you can’t just put back one you don’t like and choose a different one). Then we had everyone stand up and instructed those who had chosen A for question 1 to raise their hands and ask together, “Where will I live?” then the teacher randomly selects one of the red cards and reads it to the class. The students should fill in their worksheet in the boxes at the top as the answers come out. Repeat this with B, C, and D, and then with questions 2-4.

Once the students have their fortunes, they should ask and tell each other. The subjects (I and you) of the questions have been put in red so the students are less likely to forget the change. Walk them through how to ask and answer, and then give them 5-10 minutes to do this part of the worksheet.

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