Bad Luck Billy (from

Fun, fast-paced vocabulary practice for JHS 一年生、二年生、and 三年生! Each PowerPoint is for each specific grade level, New Horizon Lesson 1.

I found this PowerPoint template on!

The PowerPoint follows the life of Bad Luck Billy, a poor guy who gets struck by lightning on the daily! Here is the link to the PowerPoint template:

The game is pretty self-explanatory! Everyone stands up and one by one says the vocabulary word on screen. If you are saying the word when Billy gets struck by lightning, you are out and sit down! Once he gets struck by lightning, go to the next slide for the next word! Animations are done so all you have to do is click next! Check out Tay's website for a detailed instruction video!

The last person standing wins!

I think this is good practice for memorizing vocab words and practicing pronunciation!

Each PowerPoint is for the first lesson in each grade level of the New Horizon Textbook so hopefully you can use them in your classes soon! If your kids enjoy this game, it'll be easy to reuse for future vocabulary practice, just change the words!

If you like this game, check out for more fun PowerPoint Game Templates!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Bad Luck Billy 一年生 Lesson 0-1.pptx (5.96 MB)
  • Bad Luck Billy 二年生 Lesson 0-1 Vocabulary.pptx (5.96 MB)
  • Bad Luck Billy 三年生 Lesoon 0-1 Vocab Review.pptx (5.96 MB)
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    Submitted by Domdijock April 14, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20mins
    1. leaveseclipse April 14, 2023

      That's a great template. Definitely going to try this with the kids this year

    2. saemmalee April 17, 2023

      I have used this in the past with tongue twisters for my high schoolers! A ton of fun, they loved it and screamed when the lightning struck. You might need to practice pronunciation a few times as a class beforehand. An alternative to having each student stand up (for example if you need to work with bigger class sizes) is you can split the class up into smaller groups so that they can practice amongst each other! They can do 1 v 1 in the smaller groups or try to get through it as a team.

    3. RoselleDesigns April 17, 2023

      I use this for vocabulary practice with my grade 1s and 2s and they love it. Be prepared for them to ask to play it every class!

    4. kusobaba April 17, 2023

      Looks like great fun, thank you!

    5. Domdijock April 18, 2023

      @saemmalee Thank you for the idea! I think I'll try splitting them up! I'm excited to use this game soon! :D

    6. zzreyn April 23, 2023

      Hi. I've been struggling with using powerpoint games to the classroom because the teachers are now using tablets. It has Libre Office installed instead of Microsoft and every time it destroys the flow of the powerpoint file. Do you have any recommendations?

    7. Metapod April 24, 2023

      @zzreyn: I had that same problem last year, fortunately on, if you are allowed to use google slides, there is a google slides template there for download. It works jsut as well as the powerpoint version in my opinion. Hope this helps!

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