SHARK ATTACK - Save Anya !

Everyone's favorite Hangman alternative with a twist.

Shark Attack is a great warmup activity as it is. This time, i've upped the stakes by putting poor little Anya in harms way in the hopes of motivating the students :)


  • Think up some words for this hangman style game

How to play

I usually start by asking the students to imagine they are on summer vacation at the beach. Then, they see someone parachuting down. Unfortunately, the parachuiting mystery person does not see the shark circling in the water below them.

If you've played hangman/shark attack before then you'll know how to play. For those who haven't:

  • Draw a line on the board for each letter of your word/phrase.
  • Every time a student guesses a letter correctly, write it in it's place on the board.
  • If a student guesses an incorrect letter, take away one of Anya's parachute strings.
  • If the class guesses all of the letters then they win. If not, continue the powerpoint to see what happens to Anya...


  • On the main game screen, click the shark to go to the 'victory' screen.
  • On the 'victory' screen, click the sharks to go back to the game screen.
  • Sometimes, especially in some rowdier classes, I will have students trying their hardest to get Anya to fall into the water. I usually try to avoid/discard their guesses as it ruins it for others. However, at the end of the activity, I will show them what it looks like when Anya falls in (just so they can see it and have a laugh).

Enjoy :)

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Shark Attack (Anya Version).pptx (13.6 MB)
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    Submitted by TakoyakiTacos May 31, 2023 Estimated time: 10 - 15 minutes
    1. Shibby May 31, 2023

      Thank you - I'll definitely use this!

    2. TakoyakiTacos May 31, 2023

      @Shibby I hope you get some good mileage out of it !

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