Please Make Me a Game

Fun little speaking game to practice "Please tell me/show me/bring me..." sentences!

This is just something I whipped up fast to top off Unit 1 of New Horizon 2. I took inspiration from @4sarah1212 's I Command You game! It's pretty lighthearted but has the kids repeating the sentence format a lot, and my classes seemed to enjoy it! :)

This powerpoint is full of scrambled up "Please tell me/show me/bring me..." sentences. Split the class into an even number of teams. Each round, two teams come to the front - one speaking team, and one answering team. They should stand facing each other, placed so that the speakers can see the TV but the answerers can't. Set a timer for 3 minutes and start projecting sentences on the TV. The speakers get a point for reading the sentence correctly, and the answerers get a point for correctly executing the request - answering a question, giving the speaker a high-five, drawing Anpanman on the board, etc. The goal is to see how many requests each pair of teams can get through within the time limit!

Once all the teams have played, go back around but have the pairs of teams switch roles. Since the students get the gyst the second time around, we shortened the time to 2 minutes!

Other notes!
-Students on the speaking team should take turns, but students on the opposite team (while still roughly taking turns) can jump in for whatever task suits them!
-I didn't have a ton of time to put this together, so the prompt list is a little short. We were fine in my quieter class but ran out at one point with the more enthusiastic students - it worked out fine randomly cycling back through!
-Most of the prompts are things anyone should know/be able to say, but if you have any other ideas for random skills/knowledge the kids might have, those were the most exciting (the ones like "show me gyaru peace" got the best reaction).
-So that they'd have something to do while watching, I had the students who weren't actively playing write down at least 5 of the sentences, but be sure to check that they're keeping up with that! Otherwise you'll end up like me, lol.

Very lighthearted! But very "because we're using English we're getting to do something fun"! Happy end of the intro portion of the year, everyone! 👍

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    Submitted by kirig19 June 1, 2023 Estimated time: ~25 minutes for 2 full rounds
    1. hotokeki June 2, 2023

      This looks like a baja blast! B) Question- words like prefecture, did you let the speaker say the Japanese translation if the answerer didn't understand the first time around? Also, did you have a student constantly jumping in to do the tasks?

    2. kirig19 June 2, 2023

      @hotokeki thank you! :^) For words like that, the JTE also stepped in with the translation. The JTE also emphasized that everyone needs to participate and that asking & answering quickly would also help the other team earn points, so most of the time the teams ushered each other to complete the tasks and (honestly impressively) the students on the answering team self-regulated and helped each other out so everyone got a turn!

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