A great idea. (Read and act.)

This is a speaking and acting activity for Grade 6 OWS6

I pretty much let the students listen to the digital audio about 2 times. I then ask if they understand the story.
I let them discuss in pairs or groups.
Then I ask a few students to tell me what they understand. In English or Japanese.
After we check understanding, we practice pronunciation. (I change my voice a little to make it funny for the kids)

Next, I put them in groups of four or five and assign them a character. (swan, duck, turtle, squirrel)
Now that they know their character, they practice their lines in groups as I walk around and help those who may need help.
If they feel a little comfortable, they can try saying lines without reading.

We level up and practice lines using gestures and using funny voices.
Students can add original lines if they feel up to it.

For the next class they will present in groups.

For the next class. I prepare pictures of the characters, laminate and cut them out (ahead of time).
I tie a string on the pictures and students wear them on their chests while acting out the story in front of the class.

I let them practice a little before starting the presentations.
I also, ask the teacher's permission to record them.
I edit the videos (I put them all together and add some nice effects) and give them to the teacher later on.

I've had some really amazing acting. They change their voices and get down on the ground and all. lol

At the class after that, we watch all the videos together and laugh.
As a bonus, students can rate their classmates acting skills and nominate the top 3 individuals OR the top group for a "grammy" award.

This is how I've been doing this activity and it works.

I hope it helps

Submitted by Tsensei June 7, 2023 Estimated time: about 45 minutes

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