Are you ~? Do you ~? Bingo Interview

NC1 L1 three activities 1st Are you ~? 2nd Do you ~? 3rd Mix of the two

I used the bingo template from redshirt to make one using Are you ~? and Do you ~? questions with vocab from New Crown 1 Lesson 1.

It is an interview bingo so students take their bingo sheet and walk around the classroom asking each other "Are you ~?/Do you ~?" if the other student responds "Yes, ~!" the one asking the question will write their name in that box. To stop students from answering "No, ~!" to everything(or vice versa) the answers are pre-determined through the Xs and Os. There are three versions of the page marked with an X or a O on the page, each kid needs one page make sure you print all the versions though. After explaining I give them a time limit from 5-6mins depending on how they are doing, afterwards through a show of hands I ask how many bingos they achieved.
When printing y x 3 = number of students
Recommend a minimum of four players, maximum... no limit!

Are you _____?
Vocab list: angry, happy, thirsty, sad, from the UK, from India, from Australia, from America, a soccer player, a tennis player, a swimmer, a skier, in the tennis club, in the dance club, in the art club, in the music club

Do you _____?
Vocab list: eat bananas, eat apples, study math, study science, play basketball, make coffee, drink coffee, practice judo, practice the violin, clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, draw pictures, take pictures, cook breakfast, eat breakfast

In the mixed version of Are you ~? and Do you ~? questions the Xs and Os are slightly different shades as a hint to the students. I recommend using the mixed one after playing the other two.

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  • NC1-L1- Do you Interview (2.64 MB)
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    Submitted by OdafromTaijima June 14, 2023 Estimated time: 5-10 min each
    Inspired by Birthday Bingo
    1. MrIssei June 14, 2023

      Do you eat oranges?

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