NH6 Unit 3 Presentation Script and Preparation

One worksheet for researching travel to a foreign country (Your Turn pp.24-25), and one script preparation worksheet (Enjoy Communication pp.26-27). Also included is a 5-slide sample presentation.

Tablet computers became standard in schools after the New Horizons (2020) textbook was published. I've re-envisioned Unit 3 (Let's go to Italy) as a perfect occasion for students to build presentations on travel to a foreign country. These materials are meant to be stretched out over four lessons: Your Turn 1 & 2 and Enjoy Communication 1 & 2 (i.e. Steps 1, 2 and 3). The actual presentations may take an additional two lessons.

In the YOUR TURN worksheet, students choose a country they want to present, and find information on what they can see, do and eat there. Those three things are to become the body of their presentations. In the PRESENTATION worksheet, students add an opening and closing to their presentation. The MONGOLIA TOUR is a model *.pptx that follows the presentation script. I'm having my students make 5-slide presentations that use only pictures.

You can give students a stamp (teacher area) when they are done writing and, later, when they can read their work aloud to you.

I've used the NH Handwriting fonts. Formatting will be a little messy without them.

Small files
  • Grade 6 Unit 3 Presentation script.docx (21.4 KB)
  • Grade 6 Unit3 Your Turn (gr.6).docx (30.9 KB)
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  • Mongolia Tour.pptx (1.37 MB)
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    Submitted by AndynoPapa June 15, 2023 Estimated time: Four lessons, 20-25 minutes for each lesson
    1. AndynoPapa June 15, 2023

      Oh yeah, I AM guilty of knowingly using a food that isn't even Mongolian (i.e. Mongolian Beef) in the presentation. It just looked so delicious. I'm hoping that it will be years before any of my students realize my crime ;)

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