Let's Interview a Foreign Person!

Students will interview one another to determine each other's schedules and likes. Covers the "what time do you ____?" and "what ____ do you like?" grammar points outlined on NH1 Pg41 & p42.

This activity is heavily based on the fantastic "What time do you ~~? Interview" activity put together by MrMomotaro.

I originally intended to do their activity as it stands, but my JTE asked me to include the "what _____ do you like" grammar outlined on Pg42 as well - hence the new worksheet!

The students will play one of four foreigners, each with different names, nationalities, schedules and likes. The students must ask the other three characters for their information, and fill in the table.

I have included a short script, with some Japanese prompts to assist my students but please remove this if you wish.

Submitted by jonnysniper July 10, 2023 Estimated time: 20-25 minutes
  1. MrMomotaro July 11, 2023

    Looks like a great adaptation! Glad to see others getting some use out of something I've made.

  2. jonnysniper July 11, 2023

    @MrMomotaro Thanks for uploading your original activity, was super helpful!

  3. JackyKillian1701 July 18, 2023

    Took a look at the worksheet. It looks fantastic and the layout is easy to understand.

  4. MrMomotaro September 25, 2023

    I just checked this worksheet out again and I noticed that Deepa's page has an error on it. In the interview section (where it has the questions for the student to ask their partners), it has "take a bath" written two times in a row. I changed the 2nd on the "go to bed" so that it stays in chronological order, but it should be anything other than "take a bath". Other than that, the worksheet looks great!

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