Let's make a curry!

Worksheet to help teach cooking vocabulary.

I think cooking vocabulary can be difficult for students, so my JTE and I made this lesson.

Firstly, we collected some old supermarket catalogues and cut out different ingredients. We seperated them into vegetables, meat and other. You can laminate for longevity if you like. We put these in seperate bags.

I taught the vocabulary first. We practiced reading and checked the examples together. I also wrote my own example so students had a reference for their own recipes.

Then students came to select one of each card (vegetables, meat and other). With these ingredients, they created their recipe. Some of the ingredients were funny and so weird recipes were encouraged! I also included a space for students to draw their final recipe if they finish quickly, so bring some coloured pencils for this. It doesn't have to be a curry, but curries are easy to make so if they're stuck they can use that.

The 'Curry Presentation' worksheet can be used if you'd like students to present their recipes. I ask students to write a nice comment about their classmates' recipes if they are comfortable presenting. It's also useful for making sure they're paying attention during the presentations. There's also a dialogue template they can use.

I love activities where students can show their personality and be a little creative and they enjoy it too!

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    Submitted by ashtoneleanorjp July 28, 2023 Estimated time: 45 minutes
    1. Mendoza November 17, 2023

      I wasn't sure if this would be too complicated for my (very) low level SHS students, or wouldn't interest them, but they actually loved it and I think it's the most I've ever seen them write!

      I did change it slightly so that they could make any recipe they wanted, and made the ingredients a bit more varied to work with that. But in any case it worked really well. Great job!

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