The Little Prince (Mini book project)

This ia a final mini project that I did with my 2-nensei students when we had our lesson on The Little Prince on pp. 122-125, New Crown Textbook.

My JTE gave me the freedom to have this lesson for 3 consecutive periods in our 2nd year class. That's why I decided to turn it into a mini-project type that the students have to work on little by little in a span of 3 days.

I used @Mrlssei's New Crown 2 - The Little Prince video clips and questions before I went on with the reading.
I divided the lesson into 3 parts:
1st day - Introduction video + Businessman encounter
2nd day - Geographer & King
3rd day - Finishing the project (writing their final output)

  1. Think out of the box activity
  2. This is the served as a warm-up activity at the start of the story. In the PPT, a video of the Little Prince's encounter with the pilot asking him to draw a sheep was shown. I talked about how important it is to think out of the box. I explained what it means and gave some practical tips. Then, I proceeded to the activity where the have to think out of the box and complete the drawing.
  • This was a fun activity which was done in groups (to save time), there were a lot of interesting outputs from my class that even the students themselves didn't expect from other groups. I have attached some pictures of my students' ideas.
  1. Mini book draft and final copy
  2. As I have mentioned, I divided the lesson into 3 parts. The first part covered the introduction and the Little Prince's encounter with the businessman. After showing the video from @Mrlssei's PPT, I practice reading the new words with the students then discuss a part of the story. Next, I give them around 10-15 minutes to write on their Mini book draft where I have provided some guide questions which can help them come up with the contents of their mini book.
  • The next day, I repeat the same process using the page 2 draft.

On the final day, I give them the final mini-book and I explain each part. As I do this, I also point out the parts in the drafts they have made where they can get the content they need. For example, in the character section of the mini-book, they can put the descriptions they have written on the draft.

Lastly, to let those creative students showcase their skills, I also let them draw their own verson of the book cover and the characters' faces.

NOTE: The activity might seem overwhelming at first, so don't tell them that they are making a "mini-book" or project at first. Just give the draft worksheets one day at a time and let them focus on taking those little steps as they move towards the bigger goal. Your JTE's support, especially when there are difficult parts that students can't understand, will play a big role in the success of this mini project so make sure you talk about this with him/her.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Submitted by forest August 2, 2023 Estimated time: 1st Activity - 5-7 minutes, Mini-project - 2 to 3 class periods

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