This is a classic card game that is similar to UNO. With simplified rules, your students will be able to enjoy playing in no time at all!

CRAZY EIGHTS is a classic card game that is easy and fun to play!

Materials: Around the Town Cards
Players: 2~6
Target Language: Vocabulary; Phrases; Grammar Points
Lesson Stage: Warm-Up; Practice
Turn-Based: Yes
Recommended Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Break your class up into smaller groups and give each group a single deck.

Shuffle the cards
1. Deal 5 cards to each player and ensure that the players hide the cards from each other.
2. Place the remaining cards in a pile, face down in the center of the table.
3. The dealer will flip the first card over and start the discard pile. If the card is an 8, it must be placed randomly back into the pile.
4. The player to the right (or left) of the dealer must place a card from their hand that matches EITHER the NUMBER or SUITE of the card in the middle of the table. Have the student say the target language whenever they play their card.
5. If they have an 8, they can place it anytime it's their turn and change the SUITE. (For example, they can change the suite to 'HAVE' by saying the word 'have').
6. If they don't have a card that they can play, they must take one card from the top of the pile in the center.
7. The next player plays a card and the game continues in the same direction.
8. The first player to run out of cards wins the game.

** Students will typically tend to continue the game even after there is a clear winner. It's recommended to have them reset the game as soon as there is a winner to avoid other students from having to sit around with nothing to do.

The rules have been simplified a bit to make it easier. Here is a link to the general rules of the original game(with video)!

Submitted by Muki0101 August 16, 2023 Estimated time: 5 ~ 10 minutes recommended
Inspired by Around the Town Cards

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