English Conversation Practice Questions

This is a long list of English questions you can use for any reason! I use them to begin my classes and sometimes when I want to wander the hallways and ambush students with English conversation!

Please use this list of questions for any purpose! I use them as warm-up questions, for students who want to do extra English practice, and to make small talk with students.

-The key for these questions to work is to make sure it's a topic the student is excited to talk about, and that they feel safe to speak (as in not in fear of being wrong--in conversation practice I usually focus more on students producing output than correcting grammar etc.).
-To make the questions easier of course you can give them hints in Japanese or simplify the question.
-To make the questions deeper and more challenging, be sure to ask "Why?".

Have fun talking to students. This is a great way to bond with them and get to know them better! I made these questions with Junior High School in mind, but depending on levels these could work in a variety of settings.

Submitted by janeenmp September 14, 2023 Estimated time: Flexible
  1. Mango September 19, 2023

    These look great, I'm looking forward to using them in classes, and English Club. Thank you!!

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