Colors/Sports/Food Treasure Hunt 3rd Grade Version

Same as my other game with 3rd grade vocab, a team game where teams take turns guessing where the treasure is, getting either +2/5 Pts, a bomb -3Pts or stealing 2 Pts from another team.

Students form teams and choose who will go first. They then choose a color/item, and depending on what is behind said color/item they receive points as following:
A treasure chest: +5
A coin: +2
A bomb: -3
A thief: steal 2 Pts from another team

The amount of each item varies per level, with the number of bombs increasing. The thief appears from the fourth level onwards. The first five levels are colors only, and the sixth onwards has a more mixed vocabulary.

As I made many levels, it might be best to move on after the treasure is found each time, as I may have made too many levels. My class split it between two lessons, the first using the color levels only, and doing the rest in a new lesson.

I have rebalanced the game since the original version (too many bombs equals unlucky crying kids :'( ).
As sometimes teams get very unlucky, if the points get very unbalanced I initiate a special event where I play janken with the group with least points and a win equals +5 points and a loss +3.

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  • Colour Treasure Hunt Game Yr 3 Version.pptx (4.47 MB)
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    Submitted by AsakawaSune September 26, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30min
    1. srmaynard44 January 19, 2024

      This was a hit with my 1st-3rd graders! They begged me to play it next time. :) Thank you!

    2. AsakawaSune January 22, 2024

      @srmaynard44 I'm glad you liked it, I recently made a vegetables version which I need to bug check before I upload it

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