Halloween Kahoot

A simple Kahoot that tests various Halloween Vocabulary

This Kahoot introduces various Halloween themed vocabulary, monsters and whatnot. If your kids aren't familiar with monsters, introduce them beforehand using pictures or have flashcards ready. My kids were already familiar, and really enjoyed this Kahoot!

There are Youtube links in the Kahoot to show a short 3 minute video clip of Michael Jackson's thriller zombie dance, and another short video by Simple Show explaining Halloween History.

Feel free to skip whatever you don't want to use, or make a duplicate and change as you will. The Youtube Links should work, however since I use my own laptop and hotspot at school, it may have some trouble if shown on a school computer, depending on your schools network.

I've used this with almost every grade level in Elementary and Junior High, excluding the very young ones, like Kindegarden/1st grade.

Happy Spooktober Halloween!


Submitted by Dabr2307 October 20, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 mins
  1. juliabiv October 24, 2023

    hey great kahoot! I just want to let you know the kanji you have for costumes is wrong. The correct one is 仮装

  2. Dabr2307 October 24, 2023

    Thanks for the suggestion! I made the edit

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