A PowerPoint, Lesson Plan, and Worksheet dedicated to jobs. Includes a warm-up and group writing/ speaking activities.

This activity was modelled after ESLBrain's lesson on jobs.

I omitted the videos that the sites contains because my classroom does not have internet and I was unable to download them upon attempt.

5 Minute Warm Up: "What job did you want when you were a child?" "What job do you want now?"

20 - 25 minutes: Dream Jobs

In groups of five, students will choose a dream job from the powerpoint and write about why they think it is a dream job. Each group must have two reasons as to why they think this is a dream job. Half of the class will read about the dream jobs that they chose.

20 - 25 minutes: Unusual Jobs

In groups of five, students will choose an unusual job from the powerpoint. They will write 3 - 5 sentences, including two examples of what the students think the job duties of these dream jobs entail. This paragraph must also include whether or not they would like to work this unusual job and why. The remaining half that did not present on dream jobs will present about their unusual jobs.

Discussion Question: How do people choose which job they want?

If there is any extra time, there is also a discussion question at the end.

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