BINGO: DIY, for months and dates.

Students write in the numbers (or spellings if you want to) on the sheet and then play bingo.

Hand out the worksheet.
Let students write months (as 1 to 12, or you could get them to spell it out). There is also a date version with 1st to 31st.

Ask when is you birthday? Someone should answer and then that answer can be marked off. Good to write on the board months/dates said by kids. If kids are too shy to speak you could pull the months and numbers randomly from a set of cards. Bingo if you get a row.

You could do months and dates separately or at the same time. I did this at elementary school. They enjoyed it....

Submitted by Furachan May 16, 2024 Estimated time: You could probably do it in 10 minutes....more would be fun.
  1. Bonjure289 May 17, 2024

    This is a great activity! One small nitpick, is that for 11th, it is written as 11tt.

  2. meatydog May 20, 2024

    Thank you for this! We're trying to push writing more in ES so the tracing is really helpful. Please fix the mistake with 11"tt" so I can use this T_T <3

  3. cascadiatoosaka May 21, 2024

    this is great thank you!!

  4. mrssos May 21, 2024

    Great activity. Simple and fun for the students

  5. charlotte May 21, 2024

    Hello, what is the tracing font called? I don't have it on my PC and I'd love to see if I can download it!

  6. jtdcalt May 22, 2024

    @charlotte - I believe the tracing font they used is the official one used in ES and JHS textbooks here, JKHandwriting/HandwritingWeCan. Unfortunately the font costs money. I have a copy of the Light and Medium I can give folk, but have yet to find a free copy of the trace ones.

  7. Furachan May 27, 2024

    Font is called NHHandwriting. It seems to come with the New Horizon text. It is great! I usually put it up BOLD. Before being able to use this font I used to just change the colour of the font to gray.

  8. Furachan May 27, 2024

    Did dates version today. Seemed to take longer than expected.....but they enjoyed it.

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