"Will you..." Battleship, New Horizons JHS 2年生 U1

Battleship game covering New Horizons 1 Unit 1. It’s fantastic for drilling "will..." questions and answers.

This is a battleship game covering New Horizons 2 Unit 1. It’s fantastic for drilling "will..." questions and answers.

When you’re introducing this game be sure to demonstrate it with the JTE as your “competitor” and practice the pronunciations and meanings of each prompt. When they’re getting their feet under them I also have the kids work in pairs of two (who have identical grids on top) competing against another team of two. Make sure they switch off who is asking the question and who is answering.

When the class understands the game well a 5x5 grid with 7 “ships” will take about 15 minutes of class time and a 4x4 grid with 5 “ships” will take 5-10 minutes. If you need to shorten or lengthen it you can add/ take away a row and column and adjust the number of “ships” to match.

Let me know if you find any errors or have questions.


Submitted by crspence17 May 22, 2024 Estimated time: ~15 minutes
  1. nisaa1234 July 10, 2024

    Thank you so much for sharing! If possible, could you share the editable version of this file please?

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