Who? What? Character Quiz

This is a quiz activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 2 p.22 - 'Who...?', 'What...?' questions

Students to practice using the two key sentences in a fun quiz format.

Show the PowerPoint.
Split your class in half, two teams, tell them it is a speed race. Get your JTE to keep score on the board.
Display the practice question slide, and use this to explain how to play.
You ask the questions "Who is that?, "What is this?". Demonstrate that they have to say the full key sentence. For example, "That is ○○.", they can't just say "○○". Likewise, they have to say "It is a ○○.", not just "○○".
For the first half of each question, the boxes disappear one by one to slowly reveal a character.
For the second half of each question, a zoomed-in image slowly gets bigger until the answer is revealed.
First student from either team to raise their hand, has a chance to answer. If they're incorrect reveal the next hint.
There are 7 questions, not including the practice question.

((For formatting, I use: 'Antique Olive Compact' or 'Segoe UI Black' for titles, and 'UD デジタル UK-R' for body text.))

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