Flashcard Baseball

Review flashcards while playing baseball with your students.

Originally submitted by Joseph Kelley


Foam ball, foam bat, flashcards


Split the class into two teams.
Have them Janken. Winning team bats, the losing team takes the field.
Have the batters sit down and one student stand up. Show that student a flashcard. If he repeats it, let him hit.
If someone from the other team catches the ball, they have to repeat what the batter said. If they can't repeat it, the batter scores a run. If they can, they get one out.
If no one catches the ball, the batter scores one point.


Make sure to setup a batting line, if the ball hits the ground before the line, it is a foul. Also make sure to use a really soft ball and bat. This game makes the batter and the half class have to remember the flashcard. It`s simple, its easy, and only slightly dangerous.


Make sure the bats and balls are foam and light. Rubber balls can pick up quite a but of speed when hit by a good batter even with a foam bat. Use a very soft foam ball or beach ball.

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Estimated time: 12-20 min

Submitted by: ALTopedia

April 30, 2018


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