Can you find the picture in the textbook?

Students search their textbook for pictures that match the criteria and then write a quiz for their classmates.
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This is the worksheet I made based on Mike's activity. You can check the original activity for the description, but to sum it up, students search the textbook to find pictures based on sentences like "Can you find the man playing baseball?"

For my worksheet, I use that as the first example and write the sentence up on the board and check to make sure the students understand it. "Find" might not come up often in class so it's good to review the meaning. Then I pass out the worksheet and confirm with the students that the picture is on page 8. Then I ask the students to find the rest of the pictures. I tell them that they can work in pairs or small groups if they like.

I should note that I made this list based on New Crown 3 in 2019, so whenever the next revision of the textbook comes out, a lot of the pictures may change. If you're using another textbook, you can just modify the sentences to the pictures you find in your textbook. I think it's good to have the first several pictures be pretty easy to help the students get used to the concept.

Once most of the students have found the answers, I ask them to write their own directions on the bottom of the worksheet. It's important that you say that they shouldn't write the answer! Once everyone has written 2 or 3, I collect all papers, shuffle them, and pass them around the class so students get a random quiz from another classmate. When they've finished that, they can return the paper to its original owner. I encourage them to say "That was easy!" or "That was hard!" if they can.

On my file, the first page is the answer key and the second page is the one you want to pass out to the students.

I think this might apply to present progressive as well, so if I make a worksheet for that I'll try and upload it here.


Reduced Relative Can you find the _____ New Crown 3.docx

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Estimated time: 20-30 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

December 05, 2019


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