Omikuji Fortune Telling

Students draw fortunes (omikuji) from different categories to determine their futures!

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Originally submitted by Rachael Fowlie on Nov 18, 2014.


  • OmikujiFortuneTelling attachment (includes fortunes and worksheet)
  • Four envelopes or boxes to hold the four categories of wishes.


  • You'll need to cut out and fold up the fortunes before class (which took me a lot longer than I was expecting), keep them in envelopes/boxes in the 4 separate categories: Money, Job, Home, Love.
  • Review the grammar with the students.
  • Hand out the worksheets.
  • Split the students into 4 groups (unless you want to add more categories or prepare more copies of the fortunes)
  • Hand out the worksheets, and give one envelope to each group.
  • The students draw their own fortune, and write in on their worksheet.
  • Rotate the envelopes until all groups have had all 4 categories.
  • Share answers, this can fill as much time as you like, as you can ask "Who will live in London?", "Who will be a teacher?" etc, and you can get students to read their fortunes. There are a lot of possible answers, and they really enjoyed seeing the different combinations, some turned out to be really funny in my classes.


  • Printing the four categories on four different colored sheets will help keep them from getting mixed up.


  • Please read through all the wishes. It's likely you will want to change some of them to suit your area, your students or your personality.
Submitted by Englipedia Archive December 20, 2019 Estimated time: 30-40 min
  1. MarinaS January 12, 2023

    I needed something do for the first lesson after winter break that would take up the whole class and this was perfect. Students love getting omikuji for the new years so thematically it made sense and the students were excited to see what their fortunes were. A class that is usually quite silent was having a good time with their groups. my classes are about 35 students, so I added another category called 'TRAVEL' so that I could split the class into five smaller groups instead of four big ones.

  2. MarinaS January 12, 2023

    Also, to take up more class time, at the end of the lesson I had the students get up and walk around so that they could discuss with classmates outside of their groups what their fortunes were. Then, at the very end of the class I had them decide who in the class had the best fortune and who had the worst. Oh, added the vocabulary 'big blessing' and 'big curse' as well. Thank you for this idea!

  3. joyceisachoice April 14, 2023

    Adding travel is a good idea! Thanks for sharing your modifications @MarinaS. I like the possibility for randomness with this game! Thank you also to the original creator!

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