SVOO pair speaking activity

A fun, easy-to-explain worksheet activity for 2nd grade JHS students to practice asking and answering questions using SVOO (subject verb object object).

In this activity, have students make pairs; one student in each pair receives a worksheet marked A, and the other receives a worksheet marked B.
Explain and demonstrate with your JTE that their goal is to fill in the empty boxes on their worksheet by asking their partner a question.
The vertical words on the left side of their worksheet are the subjects, and the horizontal words on top are the verbs.
Using these words, students must ask their partners, for example "what will she buy me?" (feel free to physically show them how to from the question by gesturing along the worksheet), and their partner must answer with, for example, "she will buy you a car." If they need help forming the sentences, there are hints on the right side of their worksheet. My JTE and I also taught them how to use the phrase, "teach me the spelling, please" when they didn't know how to spell their partner's answer!!
Once they finish the speaking portion, if you'd like them to practice writing more than just their answers, you can have them write a few of the sentences they made on the bottom of the worksheet or in their notebooks. It's a fun, fairly simple speaking and writing activity!
Make sure to change the names on the worksheet to your name and your JTE's name, or whatever other name/pronoun you want your students to practice. Otherwise, I guess they'll get pretty good at saying my name!!

Submitted by sophie May 22, 2024 Estimated time: 15-25 minutes

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