"Be" Verb vs. Action Verb Bingo

Students can practice be verbs and action verbs with a simple bingo game. Target group: JHS 1st grade.

There are six different versions of the bingo card. Give each student a bingo card.

Students will ask each other questions from the bingo card. There are both "be-verb" phrases and action verb phrases. The aim of this activity is to practice distinguishing between these types of verbs and using them in questions and answers.

In order to mark off a square, a student must receive a positive answer to a question made with the contents of that square.

For example, they can ask, "Do you eat tomatoes?" and if their partner says, "Yes, I do," they can mark off that square.

When answering, the student should answer positively if there is a green circle next to the same phrase on their bingo card, and negatively if there is a red X. That way there is a fair distribution of yeses and nos, and students can't just answer yes to everything. :)


Student A asks Student B, "Do you eat tomatoes?"

Student B checks their own bingo card. In the "eat tomatoes" box, there is a green circle. They answer, "Yes, I do," or, "Yes, I eat tomatoes."

Student A marks off the "eat tomatoes" box on their bingo card.

Student B asks Student A, "Are you from Canada?"

Student A checks their own bingo card. In the "from Canada" box, there is a red X. They answer, "No, I am not," or, "No, I am not from Canada."

Student B does not mark anything on their bingo card.

They thank each other and find new partners to ask and answer questions with.

At the end, each student must write two sentences, one using a be-verb, and one using an action verb. You can have them use the phrases on the bingo card or make original sentences.

Requested edit: This is specifically meant to practice when to use be-verbs and simple present verbs, so review that with the students beforehand. Depending on the curriculum, students should learn this grammar point in the first couple of units of first grade in JHS. If the class is particularly struggling, you can go through how to form each question beforehand, and students can take notes on their bingo cards. Ideally students will help each other as well.

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