Halloween - window reveal game

Halloween themed powerpoint game that can be used by any grade level to review numbers 1-20

It's that time of the year again! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Here's my first ever contribution and I hope your students would enjoy it as well. I made it mainly for my special needs class but I used the same idea for my first and second graders, too.

It's a simple powerpoint game wherein the students pick a number (1 to 10 or 20) and the tile fades out to show a part of the picture/gif hiding behind it. The picture is slowly revealed and the students guess what it could be. The student or group that gets it right will get a point (I sometimes use a die or point cards to give them points lol)

What I do for huge classes is divide them into groups and they decide the order through janken. They talk among themselves who their "leader" will be and what number they'll pick so the other groups won't get a chance to find out the answer. If a group wants to answer after only two tiles, and gets it wrong, they skip a turn.

I uploaded the flashcards too, with katakana reading for lower level students, which you can edit out if you prefer. The pictures were from BINGOBONGO Learning.
I got the idea from @KobeALT and revised it a little. Thank you for sharing your amazing contributions to us!

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    Submitted by yelrm October 30, 2023 Estimated time: whole period (depending on class size and energy)
    1. carmelle285 November 1, 2023

      Amazing and super cute! My special needs kids really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing!!!

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