Kill your students in this point based review game.


I had this idea for killing my students and just ran with it and have slotted it into my Halloween themed classes this year. I mention "death" and "kill" a lot in this explanation but didn't AT ALL in the running of this activity. I recommend focusing on the chance to get points in your explanation and vocabulary with this activity, rather than "ha! you died!".

Set up;
-You will need a bunch of questions or sentences to translate (I use my Translation Challenges activity).
-Students in groups of 3 or 4. (6, 7, 8 or 9 teams total as that is how my classes are divided)
-Give them whiteboards or answer sheets if you want it to be a written activity. Alternatively they can run to the JTE/ALT to say the answer.
-The teams/students in the PowerPoint correspond to the teams/students in the classroom (teams closest to the blackboard are top of the screen in the PowerPoint). If you have groups that have 3 students. Click on the student where there is no student to kill them off.
-Set up the tablet or computer so that the students can't see who you are going to click on each round.

This is how the activity runs;
-Ask the teams a question/give them a sentence to translate.
-While they are writing it or discussing how to answer, turn the TV or projector off and choose 2-5 students to kill (depending how much time/how many questions you want to do - click on the student's hair to kill them). For a class of 28, 4 students dying for each question will be 7 questions, for example.
-When the teams have finished answering, do an answer check.
-Then tuurn the TV/projector back on to reveal which students didn't make it!
-Call up the students that "died" and click on one of the DEATH NOTEs at the bottom of the screen to go to a points screen.
-Those students can choose a Death Note to get points. (+/-/points swaps)

Some notes;
-There is a demo screen at the beginning with just 3 teams to demonstrate the activity.
-All the students in the PowerPoint are boys because there are no "death by overwork women" on
-I should have made it so that if you click again they will be ressurected but I didn't have time sorry.
-I made a DEATH NOTE book (cheap notebook from the ¥100 shop with the bookbinder print taped around it. I uploaded the PowerPoint for that too. Some size adjustment may be necessary depending what book you get. The one I got is a bit smaller than B5 - 24cm x 17cm). I didn't actually write the students's names in the book, just pretended to to add to the effect.
-If all the students die before your allocated time is up, you can choose one of the other slides to do another question and ALL teams that answer can come up to choose a DEATH NOTE to get/lose points.
-I have added the background picture in case you want to add more class variations.
-If time permits you can do two rounds and kill more students each question (so each student dies twice and try to get points).
-There are sound effects on the points screen.

Please let me know if you think of other ways to use this. I might put in a random wheel or a slide with doors and the student numbers behind to choose who dies each round. The intention when I made this activity was that each group would have a Death Note, but only one team would have the REAL Death Note and so they would choose tactically which students to kill (without knowing if it would work). Though a JTE rightly pointed out that it is ripe for bullying issues, I am still desperate to use it that way in some form. Back to the drawing board...

Have fun peeps! Let me know if you have any questions! Happy Halloween!

Small files
  • DEATH NOTE background.png (565 KB)
  • Death Note Bookbinder.pptx (161 KB)
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  • Death Note.pptx (2.01 MB)
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    Submitted by jiggswalsh October 24, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 minutes (depending on class size)
    1. hall1428 October 30, 2023

      Is there a file missing? When I download the powerpoint it's just 1 slide with an image of a death note (no other picturees, no words except "Death Note") and if you click "present" or if you move/delete the notebook, there is nothing else but a black background. I saw you mention some Irasutoya images in your description, so I'm not sure if it's something wrong with my computer or if something wasn't uploaded.

    2. jiggswalsh October 31, 2023

      Yeeesss.... Sorry. I noticed a mistake and went to reupload it but mustn't have clicked the button. It is all on me, nothing is wrong with your computer on this one... The main PowerPoint is there now!

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