Christmas Food Around the World Quiz! + Activity

Quiz for Christmas food around the world + Activity to practice "What would you like?" or "What do you want?"

A quick quiz on Christmas foods around the world. Students are shown a picture and the name of a dish and have to pick which country it is from based on three options. Then we discuss what the students eat for Christmas at the end.

I made this for ES 3rd and 4th grade but could be used at any level. It can be used separately from the following activity.


A speaking and crafts activity where the students must create their own Christmas meal and "order" their food from the Christmas restaurant/market.

In this activity, print and cut out copies of the food enough for one for each student (there is a colour and black and white option). Then set up a table at the front of the classroom with all the food cut-outs laid out in piles. Give each student a piece of A4 paper and get them to draw a plate.

In this activity, you and the HRT roleplay as servers. Go over the food vocab before starting then get the students to line up in front of the table. Ask the students "What would you like?" for 5th grade upwards or "What do you want?" for 4th grade. They must reply with the target grammar, "I want..." or "I would like...". Once they have received their items they go back and stick them on their plates, colour in, etc.

I definitely recommend doing this activity with both you and the JTE as servers otherwise you will be swamped. If you have enough food cut-outs, you could also ask the students "How many?". I usually give the students a max of 2 types of items at one time at the start and lift the limit once all the students have got something and have started crafting happily.

I have done this "market" activity many times and in different variations. Another method is getting the students to make "restaurants" in groups and get half the students to shop and half to serve at one time. Sometimes I will do a combination of these two methods in which students run their own "restaurants" for 5 minutes then if they want more food cut-outs after that they have to come to my special restaurant afterwards.

I like the mix of both because in their own restaurants they practice the question grammar too but in the teacher-only restaurant they are really forced to use English.

I have done this with christmas ornaments to decorate christmas trees or wreaths, fruit to create parfaits, pizza toppings, etc. It's very adapatable and the students WILL use English when they have a clear goal (in this case making their Christmas plate).

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
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  • Food Cards (xmas dinner).pdf (8.08 MB)
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