JHS 三年生 Unit 4 Review (Pokémon Knowledge Quest)

Review Unit 4 using fun Pokémon graphics to get students excited!

I changed some points and added a new game mechanic in the Pokémon Knowledge Quest review game originally made by taysteachingtoolkit! I hope you all enjoy! Here are the rules I use:

1) Split students into groups (Normally I do 6 groups)

2) All rules are explained in the PowerPoint, but I'll explain them here as well:
- Students will choose a number and answer a question. Every group answers.
- The team that choose the number gets the chance to answer the question first. If they are wrong, another team is chosen randomly (I have cards labeled 1-6 that my JTE can choose from at random) for a chance to steal. If that team is wrong pull another card and give another team a chance to steal. Keep doing this until a team answers correctly. The team that answers correctly is awarded 5 points. That team can also play a special game for more points.
- Depending on the Poke ball chosen, students can receive a wide range of bonus points: 3, 5, 10, 20, change points, and 40 points.
-The 早押しクイズ questions give all teams a chance to catch up on points. In these questions, the first team to raise their board with the correct answer wins 40 points. I normally count down 3, 2, 1, GO and then reveal the question. With these questions, I also try to make sure the students are passing the board to different team members so that the fastest person in each group isn't always the person answering the question.

3) The team with the most points at the ends wins stickers! (I normally keep track of points on the blackboard so that all students can see.)

The main credit for this game goes to so be sure to check Tay's website out! She makes amazing PowerPoint games that have really helped me during my time as an ALT. Be sure to buy her a coffee if you like her stuff!

(The changes I made to the original game are as followed: - Changed points to higher values to make things more exciting
- Added the 早押しクイズ game mechanic )

***PS: In case the file is too big to view without a subscriber account, here is the google drive link! Please DOWNLOAD the file as a PowerPoint file before viewing. This game will not be formatted correctly if used through Google Drive:

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    Submitted by Domdijock November 14, 2023 Estimated time: 40-50mins
    1. susoncelyn February 22, 2024

      Wow!! Thank you for sharing.. This is superb!! 😮👏

    2. ausjet July 8, 2024

      Wow this is AMAZING! I'll definitely be using this in my next lesson!

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