NH2 - I know 疑問詞 - 2 Truths & 1 Lie

Play 2 truths 1 lie to practice the key sentence [subject] know(s) [interrogative] [verb] blah blah... STS practice original writing, reading, and listening.

2 Truths 1 Lie is a pretty generic game that can be used for a ton of grammar points, but this one is tailored for [interrogative][verb] structure.

Key sentence: 疑問詞 + to + 動詞の原形

  1. If big class, break up into groups.

  2. Explaining the game requires to double check students understand the meaning of truths and lies. So just double check.

  3. Have STS write their own truths and lies on their sheet.

  4. Do an example with the JTE or other STS.

  5. For the actual game, have the STS in their group janken to see who reads first, have them read, and the rest of the groups have to decide on what sentence to vote on for the lie. Preferably, have them write it down on a whiteboard so that they don’t simply copy each other’s answers.

  6. Point system has the reading team get 1 point for each team that got the guess wrong. Each answering team will earn 1 point for a correct guess. This makes points become somewhat unpredictable when all teams fail to guess and the reading team suddenly goes up by a couple of points.

  7. After a full round, wash, rinse, repeat with whoever had 2nd place on janken.

Last part of the worksheet is a quick challenge question to have the STS write down something about any of the other students, or an original sentence by anyone else.

Submitted by garza November 28, 2023 Estimated time: 20分

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