New Horizon 2 Unit 5 (Universal Design)

Kahoot online game for the review of new words, contents and grammar in NH 2 Unit 5

This is an end of unit activity that has become a tradition for my students. It serves as a review and also helps prepare them for tests. The joy in the students faces is a reward for me and my JTE. I hope your students enjoy it too. There's a little twist on this one, some questions have double point to help students with low rankings recover and to give them hope that they can still meet up with those with high rankings. Also, I usually read out the questions and the JTE sometimes translate the difficult ones for them ( all within the time limit).
N:B Don't forget to check if the questions are also displayed on student's PC

Submitted by Adebayo December 16, 2022 Estimated time: 20 mins (including preparation time)

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