Activities posted by shinjirarenai

  • Vocab Cards

    A variety of vocabulary cards. Most of the words are used from the New Horizons Picture Dictionary (pre 2024).

  • Compound Word Quiz

    24 question quiz for compound words.

  • Listen and Write Word Search

    20 different word searches of varying levels where the students will listen, write and find 6 different words.

  • LT2 Unit 4 ~ What time is it?

    An interview information exchange activity done in pairs. They will fill in the blank after asking questions about the time.

  • Color by number

    Assign a color to a number and let them color!

  • I was - Detective Game

    By process of elimination you'll ask what they were doing and who they were with to find out who stole the bag of money!

  • Emoji Game

    Guess the word using emoji's! It's a good time filler at the end of class if you have extra time.

  • NH5 Word Search Unit 1 - 2

    For the new 2024 New Horizons 5 books. 2 word searches each for unit 1 and 2

  • Christmas Bingo

    A 5x5 Christmas bingo. Have the students cut out the boxes to create their own board.

  • I have... Who has...

    A simple reading warm up activity searching for the next card. Uses colors and shapes.

  • Roll a Picnic

    Group activity in which get to roll a dice to determine what their picnic looks like.

  • Command BINGO

    A ridiculous 5x5 bingo sheet with 24 different imperative commands.

  • Tanabata Karuta

    Karuta, memory, matching - 12 simple flashcards for your Tanabata needs.

  • My Original Country

    Just a fun extra activity creating your own country!

  • Aizuchi Poster

    Different ways to acknowledge someone in English.

  • Food Description Poster

    A poster showing how to describe food with pictures.

  • Who Murdered Mr. White?

    A mystery group game. Students must read the clues to find figure out who/what/where about the murder of Mr. White.

  • ABC Scavenger Hunt

    Students search for the alphabet!

  • Guess Who Character Sheet

    Just a worksheet with 25 different characters.

  • NH6 School Event Conversation Cards

    Using school events and descriptions for Unit 7 in New Horizons 6