Activities posted by tendoalt

  • Writing Templates / Worksheets (adaptable)

    Writing templates / worksheets that can be used for any presentation, script, writing activity from 5th grade ES upwards.

  • Christmas Food Around the World Quiz! + Activity

    Quiz for Christmas food around the world + Activity to practice "What would you like?" or "What do you want?"

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 9 Rearrange the story sentences

    Students rearrange sentences of the story in order in groups.

  • Do you like ~ ? Activity Sheet

    For reviewing or practising "Do you like ~ ?" For 3rd or 4th grade ES.

  • Blindfolded Maze - Giving Directions (LT2 U8)

    Maze activity for Let's Try 2 Unit 8 or to practice giving directions at any level.

  • NH5 U8 Frequency Words Writing Worksheet

    Worksheet for New Horizon 5 Unit 8 or 6th grade revision for frequency words like "always, usually, sometimes, never"

  • New Horizon 6 Unit 4 Past Tense Worksheet

    Worksheet for NH6 U4. For the five past tense verbs they learn in this unit.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 4 Vocabulary Cards

    Big vocabulary cards in the style of the New Horizon teacher cards for the daily activities in Let's Try 2 Unit 4.

  • What do you want to study? Worksheet

    Simple worksheet instead of Let's Try 2 in New Horizon 5 Unit 3.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 3 Vocabulary Cards

    Big Vocabulary Cards for the weekly activities in Let's Try 2 Unit 3.

  • School Bag Guessing Game LT2 U5

    Students guess what's in the ALT's school bag using "Do you have a OO?" ALT prepares a bag representative of their country.

  • Assorted Blank Bingo (3x3, 4x4) A4/A5

    A4 and A5 versions of three different bingo sheets.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 9 Daily Routine Worksheet

    Worksheet to describe and present one's daily routine.

  • Christmas Vocabulary Cards

    Big Christmas Vocab Cards in the New Horizon cards style

  • Let's Try 1 and 2 Big Vocab Cards

    Big vocabulary cards for to supplement the New Horizon 5 + 6 cards.

  • New Horizon 5 + 6 Snakes and Ladders slides cards

    Snakes and Ladders rules slideshow and cards that can be used for New Horizon 5 review and New Horizon 6 Unit 1.

  • New Horizon 6 (NH6) Unit 2 : Frequency + Activity

    Battleships Game (Digital and Physical copy options) continued on from redshirt's post.