Let's Try 2 Unit 9 Daily Routine Worksheet

Worksheet to describe and present one's daily routine.

I made this worksheet to go with Let's Try 2 Unit 9 "This is my day."

Students glue/stick their cards on the squares then write in the time. They can also come up with their own activities as well and draw them instead.

If you print this at A4 the cards fit perfectly.

I usually get them to present in groups once they have finished the worksheet. Or walk around the class and have an exchange with three to five people.

The general flow is:
- ALT gives an example speech/daily routine.
- ALT/HRT explains the instructions (including revising how to say the time).
- Students write in their own routine (ALT helps one-on-one with pronunciation, translation, etc.)
- Students practice reading their routine.
- Students present their routines.

This activity always ends up taking quite a long time with all these steps so I would suggest using one whole class period or splitting it up over two periods.

I have also attached my own example routine as images.

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    Submitted by tendoalt May 26, 2023 Estimated time: About 45 minutes total including the explanation, practice and presentation.
    1. angeldeguzman091685 February 27, 2024

      Great! Thanks for this.

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