What do you want to study? Worksheet

Simple worksheet instead of Let's Try 2 in New Horizon 5 Unit 3.

This is a simple A5 worksheet for New Horizon Unit 3 Let's Try 2 to make it a bit more interesting than just asking your neighbour questions. This activity works well for any class size.

Prior to the activity, we go over, listen to and repeat the key question and answer. Then, students freely walk around the classroom and talk to their classmates for around 3 minutes. Students ask and answer the key question: "What do you want to study?" They then record the answer of their partner by circling the subject which they said.

The goal here is to talk to as many people and circle as many subjects as you can. I usually give them 2 to 3 minutes to do this, then ask "How many circles?" or "How many subjects?". They raise their hands as I call out each number and we applaud the person with the most circled subjects. Circling the same subject more than once, only counts as one circle.

Submitted by tendoalt June 28, 2023 Estimated time: 5 - 7ish minutes including explanation

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