Blindfolded Maze - Giving Directions (LT2 U8)

Maze activity for Let's Try 2 Unit 8 or to practice giving directions at any level.

This is an activity for Let's Try 2 Unit 8 but it can be used at any level to practice giving directions. I have done this with my 5th graders before as review.

Print out Easy Maze A and B for half the class each.

Students are put into pairs. One person receives Maze A and one receives Maze B. Students take turns with one person doing the maze and the other giving directions.

Person A puts their pencil on the starting point of the maze and closes their eyes. Person B gives directions in English which Person A follows by drawing with their pencil until they reach the goal.

At the 4th grade level I use the following directions:
- Turn left
- Turn right
- Go straight
- Go back (for down)
- Stop
- ... a little

I recommend demonstrating first with the HRT. I also find this works best after a couple lessons learning the vocabulary for directions. I like to give the students an easier maze then if they finish early they can get a harder version.

I imagine this could be adapted for junior high school by levelling up the expressions used too.

My students really enjoy this activity and get really into giving each other directions. You also get some really funny pairs or mazes too!

Submitted by tendoalt January 23, 2024 Estimated time: 10-20 minutes

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