Forest Jeopardy Quiz Game

A topic based quiz game inspired by the TV program Jeopardy

This is a quiz game with topics much like the TV show Jeopardy.

The key difference is once a student gives a correct answer rather than getting fixed points they pick a color, red, blue or yellow and the teacher clicks on that box rewarding them those points. There is also a minus point. It wouldn’t be Jeopardy if there wasn’t a risk factor.

Generally go through the demonstration and example before putting students into groups and have them pick their order. Alternately the groups can be rows (from hallway to window) and each round a different row stands up (from front to back). After the question is answered all the standing students sit and new students stand up.

When you look at the demonstration slide it shows you a question and an answer banner. This is one approach. Another is for the question banner to have key words they must use answering the question you ask. A third is you ask the question and then only show the question after it’s answered or if nobody can answer it.

After the demonstration go to the topics slide. There are four topic columns. You click through showing each topic. Once ready you or a group or the teacher picks the first topic and one of the letters, for example ‘TOPIC ONE, A please’. Click on that letter and then once the check mark appears click on it to go to the question slide. There reason I do it with the check mark rather than going directly to the question slide after the first click has to do with tablets. For some reason powerpoint won’t play animations triggered after a hyperlink on tablets. I mostly use tablets in class.

One the question slide you can click once to reveal the question or key words. Then click again to show the answer after it’s answered. Then whoever answered it picks one of the boxes and you reward that team the points revealed. Once done you CLICK ON THE ANSWER BANNER. This is the hyperlink that goes back to the Topics Slide.

The template has two rounds. Once the first round is finished you can click on the raccoon on the TOPICS slide. It has the hyperlink that will lead to the second round.

If you click it by mistake the raccoon on the level up slide and the next topic slide has a hyperlink that will take you back. If you click the rabbit it will take you to the end of game slide.

Play until all questions are answered or you reach a time limit. Add up the points and see which team is the winner.

THE 3rd Year Reduced Relative Pronoun Version
The question banner has the key words the students should use to answer. Show it before asking the questions. It only has one round. After the game is played the students should either work as groups, pairs or individuals to write about Japanese culture. The slide show includes a couple of examples. You can click on the raccoon to go to them if you want to end the game early and move onto the writing.


1. Forest Jeopardy Quiz TEMPLATE.pptx

2. Forest Jeopardy Quiz and Writing about Japanese Culture 'reduced relative pronouns' worksheet.docx

2. Forest Jeopardy Quiz and Writing about Japanese Culture 'reduced relative pronouns'.pptx

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Estimated time: I'd say about 20-25 minutes is good for the quiz game. You could play longer but I wouldn't.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

November 16, 2020


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