Thief!!! (Sarah told me that~ Version)

"~told me that~" 2nd year grammar Thief game based on ThatOneAlt's version

I made this Thief using ThatOneAlt's worksheet, but modified the grammar enough to repost. I also included a powerpoint demonstration that clearly showed the kids how the game works. I was pleasantly surprised how well the kids understood the game and how much they used the grammar. This is based off of the new One World 2 textbook, page 50, "Kenta's mother told me that Kenta was sick in bed." I paired it with a Halloween presentation and quiz first, and ended with Thief.

So, following along on my ppt, first, I say we're going to play Thief!!! Make groups of 3 or 4. (Rearrange some groups if you have a group of 2 or 5)
I hand out the worksheet (I printed double sided on B5). After they write their names, I explain the worksheet is double sided. One side has girl names and the other has boy names. Let's look at the girl name side.
Then, I show the grammar we will use, and start my ppt demonstration.

"This is your classroom. I will choose one group, for example, group 4. This is the Thief Group. The Thief Group members will go outside with their worksheets, and pick one name. Quietly. It's a secret. Only the Thief Group members and I know. Everyone else, you don't know.
So, next, the Thief Members come back in, and go to the corners. Next, I'll give you a number (I draw the desks on the board and number 1, 2, 3, 4, starting from the top left corner). First, Number 1 Person thinks of a question. Look at the left side of the worksheet. Does the thief like sushi? Like this. (Read the questions on the ppt). Then, the Number 1 Person goes to a Thief Member and asks One question. Does the thief read manga? Bob is a Thief Member. He says, 'Yes, she does.'
So, Number 1 Person, go back to your group and tell them, 'Bob told me that the thief reads manga." Oh, that only leaves 3 people, Saki, Ami, or Erika.
Next, Number 2 Person, think of a good question, like 'Does the thief write haikus?' Go to a Thief Member. This is Sarah. Does the thief write haikus? She says, 'No, she doesn't.' Number 2 person, go back to your group and tell them, 'Sarah told me that the thief doesn't write haikus.' Now, the thief is only Saki or Ami.
So, next, Number 3 person, go to a thief member, ask the final question, 'Does the thief play tennis?' No, she doesn't. So, go back and say, 'Sarah told me that the thief doesn't play tennis.' Now you know the answer. It's Ami.
So, next person, Number 4, come to the front and check you answer, like this (read slide). Okay? Phew! There are a lot of rules, but I think you can do it.
Next, let practice the grammar. Please repeat."

After the practice, I ask for a group to volunteer, and I pull them outside. First group I stick to the girl side of the worksheet. 2nd group I go to the boy side, then 3rd group, I say they can do the boy or girl side. In 25 min, I was able to do 3 groups max.
For points, I give 3 points for the first group who guesses the thief and explains in the proper grammar, 2 points for 2nd group, and 1 point for 3rd group. Then, the round is finished and everyone can go back to their seats. I say which groups won, and then I give the thief group their 3 points and thank them for being the thief group.
After this point, groups are usually more willing to be the thief group, so either have them rock, scissors, paper, or you can let one group go now, then the other group go next, etc.
My JTE was very helpful and ensured students stuck to the grammar. You may want to ask your JTE to help, since you will be standing at the front for the most part.

Submitted by rflowers October 29, 2021 Estimated time: 25+ min
Inspired by Thief

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