Guess Who

write "want to" sentences to help friends guess who/what you are

This activity is to help JHS 1st graders practice using "want to" on unit 2 of New Horizons 1. I uploaded the file in docx form so that it is easy to be changed for your own name and other teachers' names.

First, show the example page. Showing how you decided what/who to be and the small illustration. Give students time to decide for themselves and tell them to keep it a secret. Give them only a few minutes to draw a picture and decide. Animals, inanimate objects (pen, car, etc...), and people are good choices.

Next, show them the example sentences using "want to" to describe what you chose to be. Students should understand that it's kind of a roleplay game and your sentences describe your chosen person/thing.

After that, demonstrate with your JTE how to talk with friends. First do rock, scissors, paper to decide who will talk first. Then read your "want to" sentences. The JTE should pretend to guess "You are a ... " then when they get it right or are told the answer, they pretend to write the answer at the bottom.

Tell students to try guessing their friends identities 3 times before revealing the answer to make it more interesting. I have students fold their papers at the drawing part in case they want to show their written sentences to their friends for better understanding.

I hope this activity is useful!

Submitted by stadiumkaylam June 8, 2022 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

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