Halloween Jeopardy

Trying this again w/o the video files, a fun halloween jeopardy!! No grammar, just spooks :)

Hello again ~
Posting this once more without the massive video files!! So sorry to the few people who saw this post before, I use my laptop at my schools w/ no internet so all the videos have to be downloaded already by me, feel free to link to youtube or whatever for the video questions if you need to!

How I Run the Game –
Split class into groups (4/5 people)
Each team uses a whiteboard/notebook to write answers (switch who writes for each round)
The game is multiple choice so every team can hold up their answers, as long as they are right they get points!
BUT – there are trick or treat questions (first team to answer gets whatever the bonus may be)
I am going to keep track of this using my own white board/plastic sheet to mark the first team to get the write answer for these questions so everyone can still answer
I let a different group each turn pick the next question, whichever they want (“Monsters 2 points” or “Snacks 5 points”)
Usually I work the screen/computer and my JTE will be in charge of writing points as we go on the chalkboard
I’m trying Final Jeopardy for the first time, basically teams can wager up to the # of points they have by the end of the game (ex: team with 15 points can wager from 0 - 15 points) and if they are correct they add those points to their score, incorrect = take those points away. As of now the question isn’t multiple choice but some writing practice, feel free to change that to whatever

The purple spiky ball on the rules page gives a demonstration of what a trick or treat question will look like
To play: click on any point value on the black page and it will take you to the question. Non-Trick or Treat questions have a timer, you just have to click one time on the slide to start it, and then once after that to reveal the answer
Clicking on the pumpkin in the bottom right will take you back to the question home page and the question you just answered will disappear (always click the pumpkin and choose a new question from the black page!!)
For trick or treat questions, there is no timer. The trick or treat sign will flash, and as soon as you click the screen the question will appear. Click once more for the answer, and then click the ghost in the top left to reveal the trick or treat. Then click the pumpkin (note - i am doing costumes for some tricks, please change that if you don't have the materials!!)
There are extra photos to click through on questions (activity 4pts, snacks 1pt, tradition 5pts)
Play as long/as little as you like, you can click to start final jeopardy from the home page at any time and then just click from there
Video questions I took the videos out bc that made the file too big to share, the link is in the comment of the ppt slide!!
Monsters question for 3 points is about what movie I like so change that one!!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • halloween jeopardy share.pptx (17.9 MB)
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    Submitted by kkarnosky27 October 19, 2022 Estimated time: 45 minutes
    1. Creag_Sapporo October 19, 2022

      This is GREAT! Thank you for re-uploading. I can definitely use this for a Halloween lesson. Great job!

    2. kkarnosky27 October 19, 2022

      No problem!! Enjoy :)

    3. ratclass October 3, 2023

      awesome quiz and interesting questions! thanks for sharing

    4. gordy1 November 1, 2023

      Good game, used this today

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