Are there~ Is there~ in my country?

I divide the class in 6 groups. I`ll let them guess if there are any stores like Mcdonald`s, sushiro, etc. in my country (Philippines). You can change the quiz depends on what country are you from.

I handed each group a board sign saying YES and NO. I start the quiz and let them think by group. Correct answer will get a point. After that, Ill let them make their own question using are there/is there. If my answer to their question is NO theyll get 2 points, if yes, 1 point. So, they must think of something that my country doesn`t have. Enjoy!

Some good questions I had:
Is there a panda in Philippines? ( No, there isn`t ) Even in zoo, we do not have any.
Are there any traffic lights in Philippines? ( Of course! Yes, there are ) hahaha
Are there any cherry blossoms in Philippines? ( Yes, there are )
Are there any hot springs in Philippines? ( Yes, there are )

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    Submitted by Kirstine Ann October 28, 2022 Estimated time:
    1. kilo_charlie February 16, 2023

      Nice one Kabayan! Thank you for sharing!

    2. JohnPadua August 29, 2023

      in "the" Philippines

    3. Thehungrycaterpillar October 23, 2023

      Good idea, challenge the students to think of everyday things they see in their country and find out if those things exist in other countries.

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