NEW Super Mario Bros. Christmas Blast - (Keynote)

Using the template made Philip A. Walker, I made a Christmas Quiz focusing on Middle Schoolers.


-Full Credit for the game's template goes to philipawalker and his contribution: "Super Mario Christmas Blast"


-Divide the class into groups of 4/5.

-Turn order is however you decide.

-Each team gets a chance to pick a question (1-48) and if they get it wrong then ONE team has a chance to steal. If THEY get it wrong, YOU get the reward (my kids loved it when me or the JTE were on the board as a "team").

-When the answer and Mario are shown at the bottom, click mario view the reward for the question. After that, click the frozen home to return to the question board.


-I made the timer start and stop "on tap" because it makes the game flow better if a team answers quickly. It does make you have to constantly pay attention to the timer so if you want to change it its a simple fix.

-Because this one in particular is made for JHS, some of the more complex questions are in Japanese and the answers are in English.

-My Japanese is at a novice level so I used a combo or Google and my JTEs to make the Japanese for some of the more complex questions. If something is wrong or awkward I apologize. I'm correcting things slowly and will update when I can.

-This game is BIG with a lot of simple but tedious working pieces. None of the Keynote-to-Powerpoint converters I've used have been able to convert it without heeps of issues. Maybe in the future I'll make a .pptx file to add to this page but not right now.

-As always if there are any mistakes/glitches, please don't be afraid to comment or message. <3

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    Submitted by Gurin December 1, 2022 Estimated time: 30-50min
    1. TheBlueStuff December 4, 2022

      How do I open this .key file on a work laptop? I cant download new software to open it with

    2. Gurin December 7, 2022

      @TheBlueStuff .key files are associated with "Keynote" which is Apple's version of Powerpoint. As a result, only computers and tablets with IOS can open it. Sorry :(

    3. majime December 14, 2022

      Thank you so much! I (and the first years) really appreciate this! Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale! God Jul! メリクリ!

    4. Jed222 December 16, 2022


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